Developing Leaders and Specialists Globally
Challenge Your Talents
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Big Picture Thinking for Smart People Investments

Developing Leaders and Specialists Globally

We provide your leaders with specific career perspectives and ensure employee retention. Long-term. Because clever Talent Management and intelligent Remuneration position you as an Employer of Choice, where staff are highly engaged.

Challenge Your Talents

We challenge your High Potentials. By working with them to identify what gets them out of bed – every day and in the long run. By showing them where they are able to shape the company’s future.

Recognition and Motivation

We ensure competitive market pay levels and performance-based salaries – around the world. We help you manage your tight remuneration budgets – because remuneration is more than just base salary.

Big Picture Thinking for Smart People Investments

We provide you with the overview of your investments in your high potential leaders and specialists, identify the right challenges as a basis for a maximum return on people invest. Because tight budgets must be used to drive company performance through great leadership.

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Talent & Remuneration Globally

The War for Talents isn’t won on the exter­nal labor market anymore. You will succeed by focussing on your own talent! Which de­velopment perspectives do you offer your High Potential Leaders and Specialists? How transparent and systematic is this process to them? How big is the risk of loosing your key talents and leaders to the competition? Performance based remuner­ation is another complex aspect of this

task: only the right mix of fix and variable pay as well as the right benefits will attract and re­tain your key talent! Improving leadership performance as well as retention and en­gagement has been the focus of my entire career, working for large and medium-size companies around the world. My projects can focus on specific aspects or cover the entire scope of international talent ma­nage­­ment and remuneration.


Developing key talent, retaining leaders and specialists also in difficult times and providing the right mix of incen­tives: the diversity of my projects over the past few years is con­siderable. Have a look at a couple of examples.

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Successful not only in Germany but around the world – that describes most of my clients. Thus I supported my clients globally. Please find here 10 testimonials from 9 different countries.

What clients say


From Germany to the Netherlands, then to the USA and back to Germany before mov­ing to France – already the first years of my life were full of experience living in foreign countries and cultures …

Oliver Schulz-Oster

Developing key talent, retaining leaders and specialists also in difficult times and providing the right mix of incen­tives: the diversity of my projects over the past few years is considerable. Have a look at a couple of examples – and ask for references any time.

Talent Pipeline endangered in the European HQ

The company had attractive sites around the world – especially in the US and in Asia. Its High Potentials often chose to continue their careers there.

An international program was developed to promote the European HQ for interna­tional talent. The analysis of the client’s talent pipeline led to the implementation of a very focussed and result-oriented Talent Development Program. It consisted of:

  • Intensive and transparent assessments of the high potential leaders and specialists
  • Open discussions about what they could expect – and what they couldn’t
  • Individual and very challenging Development Plans for all key staff

The talent program led to increased competitiveness within the corporation and on the external labor market. It was later modified to suit the needs of the Asian HQ as well.

The competition poaches key people by paying whatever it takes

The client’s key people in the Polish production site were being poached by the com­petition who offered their staff enormous salaries.

The company wasn‘t able to offer such outrageous packages to its staff. An atrractive mix of remuneration, development opportunities and personal recognition and trust made the difference to the competition. A difficult balance which succeeded: all Key Talent were retained.

Motivating the team during the closure of the subsidiary

The subsidiary in Moscow had to be closed because of new tariff structures. 26 of 30 employees were thus made redundant with 10 months advance notice. The chal­lenge was that their engagement and performance were needed during that entire period for a successful closure.

Russian employment law would have made it very difficult to address issues of un­justified sick leave and underperformance. Could employees be retained and moti­vated to close down the company’s subsidiary in a professional manner?

A tough challenge that was addressed by clear perspectives, open and honest com­munication, and a mix of monetary and non-monetary incentives. It showed that Ta­lent Management and Remuneration can be the decisive factors in crisis situations.

Successful Talent Management during economic downturn.

The Company had publicly announced a major talent management initiative as one of ist key priorities for the year. Then an economic downturn made the training bud­gets obsolete – but management did not want to go back on its people promises.

A ”Talent Review” analysed the development measures with regard to their basic ob­jective. More cost effective alternatives were identified that retained the original in­tent. This was achieved in dialogue with the affected employees about their individ­ual long-term goals.

All Staff appreciated the company’s commitment to people development, which strengthened overall engagement and motivation!


Successful not only in Germany but around the world – that describes most of my clients. Thus I supported my clients in most parts of the world. Please find here 10 testimonials from 9 countries.


Mr. Schulz-Oster co-worked with me on a talent review project with a focus on our employee development activity and a compensation review project to introduce salary levels, mid points and competitive packages especially for key talents. I was deeply impressed with him not only the professional knowledge and skill sets he shared with us but also the highly active and devout working attitude he exhibited. He also has the analytical skills to diagnose problems and devise viable solutions.

I recommend him for any international or Chinese company setting up S.M.A.R.T ta­lent management or competitive compensation structure without reservation.

Forrest Xiang Li, Chief Representative, Weinmann Geräte für Medizin GmbH


Oliver is one of the most versatile HR directors I have ever worked with. He is well connected with the business and contributes to strategic decision making on people and careers. A Human Resources Leader, who has tremendous experience in diverse and multi-cultural environments. He was instrumental in guiding the team to look for excellence in whatever we do. I am sure his Analytical and Lea­dership skills will be a valued asset in setting up and developing the HR infrastructure for his clients.

Rajiv Shankar, at the time Finance Manager Cabot Corp. United Arab Emirates


I have worked with Oliver-san to lead change management for a small-medium si­zed enterprise in North Asia region. We worked together for changing the local gra­ding system to align with the global one and for creating a talent matrix. His strength is not only C&B and Talent Management area but also his active listening skills to un­derstand the people and culture to make things happen. In my experience Oliver-san has added real value on the business, and brings a fantastic mix of professionalism, insight, creativity with sense of humor. I would highly recommend Oliver-san for your HR transformation.

Hayato Yasuzawa, at the time Group General Manager, Human Resources, North Asia, Fonterra


Oliver Schulz-Oster’s consultative approach helped our company in implementing our HR initiatives to support the Business. His professionalism in talent development and compensation solutions was an inspiration for the whole team. The Manage­ment Team admired Oliver’s way to implement new strategies with a great attention to communicating the changes to our people. Outstanding was also his willingness to tackle difficult issues. With his proactive and solution oriented manner, it is always a pleasure (and fun) to work with Oliver.

Agnieszka Lisowska, HR Manager, Armacell Poland Sp z oo


I have been working with Oliver for a long time, when he was HR Director for Fonter­ra. He is great manager as his approaches were very productive for the company in Russia. It has been possible as it had based on understanding of Russian specifics, good knowledge in managing and motivating the staff. The company had many challenges in HR area from recruiting people, meeting local legislations, developing internal policies with global compliance, setting up market remuneration scheme, de­veloping talents and starters. In all areas we had very strong support from Oliver and successful managing key process in HR.

Vitaly Balabanov, at the time General Director, Fonterra Russia


Oliver is a dedicated professional with a strong knowledge and wealth of experience in various aspects of HR management. He was instrumental in implementing an ad­vanced performance assessment and personal development system. I indeed enjoy­ed working with Oliver in good times, but I was most impressed by his professiona­lism and personality during the days that were among the most difficult in my care­er… Together we had to manage a significant downsizing of a country office, and Oli­ver’s approach was a real example of professionalism and integrity. It was a tough and unpleasant job, but Oliver showed me how it can be done treating people with dignity and respect.

Alexey Statsenko, at the time General Counsel, Fonterra Russia

South Africa

I was privileged to work with Oliver during a sensitive time while Fonterra and Clover negotiated their JV in South Africa. Oliver, in his capacity as Regional HR Manager for Fonterra, was instrumental in ne­gotiating a fair deal for all, demonstrating good negotiation skills, cultural sensitivity and always with clear objectives and highly results driven.

Anton Maas, at the time Sales Director, Fonterra South Africa


I was in the lucky position working together with Oliver in Armacell. Oliver is a great professional in Human Resources. I would like to highlight his way of working: Easy going, transparent and hardworking. A team worker a company can count on!!

Jaap de Jager, at the time General Manager Europe West & Africa, Armacell


Oliver has a worldwide experience in various industries, speaks five languages, and is specialized in Human resources (the capital H is deliberate). Oliver worked with us in Switzerland and Italy, and his feedback, insight, and support, was pivotal for our local HR departments. His experience and knowledge and his unbiased approach to people and organizations led us to the right solutions.

Han Marcolina, General Manager, Armacell Switzerland & Italy

United Kingdom

Oliver supported the directors of Fonterra (Logistics) Ltd in difficult projects: The re­structuring of the company included developing and implementing termination of long service staff (redundancy). Oliver handled these with professionalism and respect for staff, while maintaining the company’s position. He also consulted local manage­ment on sourcing and implementing pension schemes for staff as part of the comp­liance requirements of UK Employment law. He worked diligently to obtain the requi­red level of detail understanding to be able to give guidance for management decisi­ons. His collaborative style was highly appreciated in the local company.

Gulab Sharma, Director, Fonterra (Logistics) Ltd, UK